I started my treatment in July 2014 for a frozen shoulder with which i had been suffering for a long time and wasn’t getting any better. After Dr Alice helped, it started to improve and a few months into my treatment , I have no pain at all.

More importantly to me, was the fact that I also had acute hearing loss and really bad tinnitus. I started a course of treatment with Dr Alice which has been very successful and my tinnitus has gone, my hearing has improved by at least 80%, which is amazing.

I have found Dr Alice a truly knowledgeable and sincere professional,  whom  I would recommend  to my family and  friends.


December 2014

I trapped a nerve in my neck in January 2014. It caused shoulder pain, loss of strength in my arm and hand together and pain in my right leg. On top of that, I couldn’t sleep.

As my condition hadn’t improved with conventional methods, I began a course of acupuncture, treatment with Dr Alice and found that the condition did improve.

I am now virtually free of the problem and would like to thank Dr Alice for that.

If anyone else has a similar problem, I would be happy to recommend her.

I have found Dr Alice competent, courteous and professional.


January 2015

Dr Alice has been treating me with acupuncture and Chinese massage for a stiff neck, shoulders and upper back.

I have found the treatment very beneficial and I am less sore now and had much
improved flexibility even after the first session.

Dr Alice is very attentive, listening carefully to what I said and she was able to home in very quickly on the underlying cause of my discomfort. I was very pleased to have placed myself in her care as I now feel so much better.

March 2013

Having experienced stomach problems including diarrhea over the past 20 years, I had almost given up hope having tried many things that didn’t work.

Dr Alice has, in a very short period of time, changed my life. I feel wonderful and have no stomach problem. You have a true gift. Thank you.


I have suffered with a painful arm and shoulder pain and recently to my wrist too since developing R.S.I at work nearly 20 years ago.

Thanks to your acupuncture and massage treatment for the past few months, It is ok now. What a relief it is to be able to use my arm and wrist properly again.

Thank you very much Alice.


I suffered from regular headaches for 10 or more years and took paracetamol nearly every day.

Since seeing Dr Alice over the past few months, I have stopped having headaches anymore and have not needed to take any tablets.

Thank you very much!


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